Party Lounge

Best Party Ever!

PartyLounge is an events planning and open bar service provider.
The message to communicate for the brand was to ensure their clients they would have the BEST PARTY OF THEIR LIFE.
So we basiically used all the resources available to spread the word.

Super Dynamic Website

The first contact clients would do, was their main website, so we worked on a very unique approach to make sure the message was as vibrand and as full of life as the events coordinated by PartyLounge are.

Energetic Branding

Every piece of branding designed followed certain patterns such as high contrast accents, working among the black (most of the events are hosted at night) and the yellow, to reflect that life.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media presence has been a key channel to communicate the brand feeling and make an authentic connection with the audience.

Consistent Marketing

We became the creative partner for PartyLounge, to give every event a specific feeling according to their final client needs.

Modern and Simple

We've been very clear about a simple look to help the message pass through without too much friction. And we've been creating high contrast typographies and colors to preserve that dynamic and modern feeling.

Printed Accesories

Creativity never stops with PartyLounge. Innovation is the common factor for each event, every week, and every specific event requires specific needs, so we're there to unleash the creative juices.

Client testimonial

Kimera never dissapoints us. We've been working toghether for around 5 years, and we always know what to expect: GREAT CREATIVITY. They have became a strategic partner for our business and we hope to continue that way for years.